Assure Tight 23R (9")

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Assure Tight 23R (9")
Assure Tight 23R (9")
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Product Details
Assure Tight seals are versatile, strong, easy to use, and are a fully adjustable plastic seal.  Assure Tight seals are especially useful where a very small opening is available for seal installation. This newest length features a Self-Release Tab for tool-less removal. Tool-less removal is a valuable feature for use in areas where sharp tools are not allowed, such as in airports, around food & drink carts, and schools.
Stock Assure Tight 23 seals are marked SECURED and have Serial Numbers using the latest Thermal marking technology.
  • 9" overall length
  • Metal locking mechanism
  • Thin tail - 0.1"
  • Average breaking strength: 36 lbs
  • Approximately 6" usable length
  • 10/strip, 100/bag, 1000/box
  • Self-release tab for tool-less removal


Ä      Cabinets & lockers

Ä      Cash & Coin bags

Ä      Containers & Totes

Ä      Fiber drums

Ä      Fire doors

Ä      Liquid bulk trailers

Ä      Liquor carts

Ä      Trailer valves
Ä Transfer hoppers
Ä      Luggage
Pricing is per 100 seals
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