H-Seal Custom Printed

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H-Seal Custom Printed
H-Seal Custom Printed
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Product Details

The H-Seal is a versatile smooth flat ribbon pull-tight seal manufactured from Polypropylene material with a stainless steel clip insert.

The design features rolled heat staking technology to secure the metal spring insert to the body, which provides clear    evidence of tampering if forced open or cut. The standard seal is manufactured with gripping spikes making the seal suitable for securing a variety of  cloth or plastic bags.

Use the H-Seal where high strength is a requirement.

The seal is available in a standard length of 40 cm (15..9”). 
Stock seals marked with SECURED and serial number

  • Metal locking mechanism
  • High strength 7mm wide ribbon  
  • Average breaking strength: 121 lbs
  • 10/mat, 1000/case


Ä      Cabinets

Ä      Cash & Coin bags (Gripping Prongs allow use on cloth or plastic bags - see specs below for details)          

Ä      Containers

Ä      Fiber drums

Ä      Liquid bulk trailers

Ä      Liquor carts

Ä      Trailer valves
Ä Transfer hoppers
Ä      Luggage
Ä      Trailer & Railcar doors
Pricing is per 1000 seals
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