GripTight PP

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GripTight PP
GripTight PP
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Product Details
 The GripTight PP-Seal is a versatile beaded tail pull-tight seal manufactured from two dissimilar materials. The acetyl insert is unique in design as it incorporates two sets of locking teeth molded in one insert, unlike similar seals requiring two separate inserts.
The material will withstand freezing and boiling conditions, while the polypropylene body is flexible for easy use. The   design includes rolled heat staking technology to secure the insert to the body, which provides clear evidence of tampering if forced open or cut.

There is also a tear off tab for easy removal, making this a very user friendly seal suitable for most applications.
Stock seals are marked SECURED and have a sequential serial number.


  • Airline & Catering Carts
  • Cash & Coin bags
  • Chemical & Fiber Drums
  • Liquid bulk trailers
  • Liquor carts
  • Trailer valves
  • Transfer hoppers
  • Luggage
Pricing is per 1000 seals