Plastic Disc Seal
Plastic Disc Seal
Standard Features
Color: Red
Price: $30.10
Product Details
The YP10 Seal is manufactured from ABS food grade material and is suitable for applications where the traditional lead seals cannot be used.
Effective closure is achieved with the DMC sealing tool LP-2A (blank) or LP-2C (custom engraved)

Seal can be safely used in temperatures ranging from -20ºC to 110ºC (-4ºF to 230ºF).

Recommended: Spiral wound lashing wire available by the spool. The center core wire with an outer wire spiral wire grips and keeps the wire secure and in position once the YP10 seal is pressed in place.
Recommended applications include:
Gas, Water, & Electric meters, Drums, Inspection doors, Food Industry, Cages, Ammunition boxes, ATM cassettes, or any sealing application with small opening or limited access.

Lashing wire available HERE
Pricing is per 1000 pieces. Default color is RED
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