Sentry Seal 1/16

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Color: Unpainted
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Sentry Seal 1/16
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10 To 49 Units
Product Details
The Sentry Seal is quick, easy to use, and requires no tool to lock. Cable length is adjustable and can be tightened to any length. The 1/16" cable is designed to fray once cut to prevent re-use of seal.
Featuring a 1/16"diameter cable 12" long. Breaking strength is rated at an average of 700 lbs.
Stock seals are stamped SECURED and are marked with a unique 7 digit serial number.
Packaging is 10 seals per bag and up to 500 seals per box.
Self-Locking, no tools required to secure seal.
Price per 10 Seals
Stock Sentry Seals are unpainted (see Custom Sentry for painting and printing options)