Defender 3.5 Custom

Defender 3.5 Custom
Defender 3.5 Custom
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Product Details
The Defender 3.5 seal is C-TPAT & PIP compliant - rated to a High Security Level under the ISO/PAS 17712:E Standard.
Featuring a 3.5mm diameter aircraft cable 12" length (added length available).


The Defender 3.5 is applied without any tools, making installation extremely simple.
Cable cutters are required for removal. Upon cutting, the cable will fray making the cable seal unusable and aiding in tamper detection.
Custom printing will be in tamper deterrent laser printing.
Seals are anodized red aluminum and come with a 12" long cable as the default length.
Allow 2 to 3 weeks production time for custom made seals.
Price per 50 Seals

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