Trailok II

Standard Features
Color: Yellow
Options: MasterLock Version w/o lock
Keying: Individually Keyed
Price: $89.00
Trailok II
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Product Details


The TRAILOK II was developed as an alternative to the TRAILOK High Security king pin lock with built in Abloy lock. This design features the ability to be secured with a padlock. For many users, this locking feature offers the advantage of being able to incorporate a king pin lock in to the currently used locking system.


  • Built in padlock shielding prevents cutting of the padlock hasp through the use of bolt cutters
  • All aluminum body resists flame, stone, or blade cutting.
  • Cone shape prevents trailer theft by "modified" fifth wheels
  • Enclosed body restricts grease travel
  • An alternative design is available for use with high security ABLOY padlocks Model #330/50 (must have 50mm hasp)
  • King pin designed to be used with the readily available MasterLock "Model No.1" with 1.5" shackle (1LF)